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Ever Since We Love (2015)

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Watch Ever Since We Love movie online free - The film "Ever Since We Love", directed by Li Yu, is based on the novel of the same title. The story depicts the life of a medical school student who grows through his experience of love and friendship.

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Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 1:46:00

Released: 2015-04-17


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Profile Pic Berry Kim says:
Lets all stop for a moment ignoring the sub .. 1:14 WAS HANKYUNG ?! Call heechul to come here please O.O !
Profile Pic Joiteu Moro says:
Thank you for the subs
Profile Pic killboggins says:
Those subtitles were awful. You just directly translated the words without context or any English speaking colloquialisms.
Profile Pic ELF TUNISIA says:
Thank you for the subs ! :D
Profile Pic Sapphirelf YeMoon says:
Hangeng <3
Profile Pic Alma Lechuga says:
It looks cool but I have no idea what they where saying or what the movie is about.

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