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Cut Piece (1965)

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Watch Cut Piece movie online free - Filmed at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Cut Piece documents one of Yoko Ono’s most powerful conceptual pieces. Performed by the artist herself, Ono sits motionless on the stage after inviting the audience to come up and cut away her clothing in a denouement of the reciprocity between victim and assailant.

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Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 00:08:00

Released: 1965-01-01


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Profile Pic Caitlin Volk says:
how can that guy at the end do that to her
Profile Pic Tatsuya Adaniya says:
Do you guys feel like cut piece is the same concept of showing tits and ass on insta to get likes?
Profile Pic David Levy says:
Her Best.
Profile Pic llnytemagikll says:
Profile Pic llnytemagikll says:
Beautiful yet delighted to mean so much more than everyday beautiful ~ ssst ssst ssttt that's my cut, Dear Miss
Profile Pic Daniella de groote says:
sorry,this izzz bs! dada to geoger
Profile Pic L Ve says:
how so little can say so much ...
Profile Pic denisethepainter says:
Hi Mouffette! Thanks for sharing this video!
Profile Pic Morah Morah says:
Why didn't she stand up, and let people cut? What would people cut first, today, in 2015?
Profile Pic Golliettes Tequila says:
The most famous Yoko's piece. Really brilliant ! Thank you very much MOUFFETTEFAROUCHE for posting this video. Golliettes Tequila (All the music of Yoko and more...)

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