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Mister Roberts (1984)

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Watch Mister Roberts movie online free - Set aboard a navy cargo ship during World War II, this comedic drama follows Lt. Doug Roberts (Robert Hays, Airplane!), who battles boredom and a tyrannical captain to the admiration of Ensign Pulver, Doc, and the crew.

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Genre: TV Movie, Comedy

Runtime: 1:40:00

Released: 1984-03-18


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Profile Pic lee sherman says:
Five stars! Git some!
Profile Pic Daytona Sixty-Eight says:
Can't believe Henry Fonda shot up the McBain homestead.
Profile Pic fjbutch says:
What a terrific entertaining movie !
Profile Pic CubanPete1990 says:
Funny but do they show the part when the guy said what the blasted blazing is this?
Profile Pic SUPERSPORTS says:
Cagney, Fonda and Lemmon  NUFF SAID

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