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Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue (1974)

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Movie Synopsis

Watch Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue movie online free - A white cop apprehends, then murders, a Black purse thief in the street. A Black film student witnesses the murder and begins surveilling the cop in his everyday life. Based on the novel "Shoot It" by Paul Tyner; filmed in Kansas City.

Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue Poster

Genre: Drama, Crime

Runtime: 1:33:00

Released: 1974-12-06



Profile Pic ColdChicago says:
based on a novel by paul tyner, who died young. the book had been optioned by a tv talk show personality , david suskind, and took a few years to get made. can't have been easy, and the film sank almost immediately on release.
Profile Pic MCPetruk says:
My dad directed this movie.
Profile Pic DeeNice681 says:
Eric Laneueville with the camera. He became a known director later on too!

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