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Be with Me (The Notebook) (2014)

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Watch Be with Me (The Notebook) movie online free - A woman walks into a video store and makes a sad, strange request.

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Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 00:16:00

Released: 2014-06-21



Profile Pic Lou M says:
Haha... just saw this movie on Netflix. Was following a friend recommandation who told me it was her best romantic movie. Was very surprised to see a story about two twins that are the male equivalent of the Shining twins (they look like out of a horror movie) that train themselves to not feel pain in a very cold but melodramat...
Profile Pic Liam Connolly says:
What a waste of a good movie by calling it the notebook. Oh dear.
Profile Pic Sajida Hussain says:
Looks good*
Profile Pic Sam Tooms says:
They could have called this film anything but they choose to call it the name of the best probably one of the most well known romance films of all time so when everyone is expecting to see Noah and Ally to fall in love they actually find out its a film about wars!!! Looks like a good movie but bad title
Profile Pic Carly Maurer says:
Soo, like Full Metal Alchemist? except not anime?
Profile Pic Ap0 says:
There was a movie and best scene with this music in background, I think in war or battle, but god I can't remember name :(
Profile Pic noobie wannabe says:
Where's Noah XD
Profile Pic Roque Torres says:
What's the name of the song? Please, answer!

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