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The Prisoner (2012)

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Watch The Prisoner movie online free - A scout group has been divided into two camps to wander in the mountains for three days and play war games, when suddenly, two of the young red team discover an opponent on the yellow team and decide to take a prisoner , taking the game a little beyond their limits. A funny and tender story of friendship between rivals.

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Genre: Drama, Foreign

Runtime: 00:24:00

Released: 2012-08-19



Profile Pic EscargoTouChaud says:
The actors are good and the film is exciting. However: very frustrating, because so many people make stupid choices. Maybe it is plausible since people go mad when they're worried sick, but still... SPOILERS! ---------------- The worst provoking choice was Dover not informing the police - who were on the same bloody floor in ...
Profile Pic DJ Peewee Primero says:
Really one of those movies you wish you could see for the first time again.
Profile Pic thefatman69fude says:
This movie just made me uncomfortable. From start to finish it put me on edge.
Profile Pic Adnan says:
My favorite Villeneuve film period
Profile Pic Geneva1968 says:
Excellent movie. Great acting, screenplay, and direction. Stays with you for a long time...
Profile Pic kokot pojebany says:
let me make it simple for dummiest who worship this movie-2 plus 2 is 4.but all u idiiots who like this movie,this movie is doing following-2 plus 2 is 4 cause einstein logic mathematic intelligence it?
Profile Pic kokot pojebany says:
best thing about this movie was jackmans acting-yet it was overacted.THIS MOVIE IS PERFECT EXAMPLE OF STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE..insanely shallow movie with HUGE DUMB NOT LOGICAL SCENES.
Profile Pic Migo Maaliv says:
Nice story but boring movie, predictable
Profile Pic Tina 22 says:
Jake is soooo handsome in this movie
Profile Pic Zineb Pavarotti says:
The ending was just very suprising. Never suspected that woman to be the kidnapper !

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