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The Prisoner (2012)

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Watch The Prisoner movie online free - A scout group has been divided into two camps to wander in the mountains for three days and play war games, when suddenly, two of the young red team discover an opponent on the yellow team and decide to take a prisoner , taking the game a little beyond their limits. A funny and tender story of friendship between rivals.

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Genre: Drama, Foreign

Runtime: 00:24:00

Released: 2012-08-19



Profile Pic NATHAN DAINES says:
This Movie and Trailer are Both Very Dark and Intense in my Opinion
Profile Pic Deja Sikes says:
this trailer will blow your mind
Profile Pic Alex Devereaux says:
God, what a *maze* ...
Profile Pic Not Applicable says:
They didn't cry until I left them....
Profile Pic F28 Freestylers says:
What's the song in background?
Profile Pic Xp0sed says:
The trailer just about reveals every important moment in the movie.
Profile Pic YaAlisa says:
2017 Just finished watching. Mind blowing & Master piece! Great movie, amazing acting. more movies like this please.
Profile Pic No One says:
(SPOILER ALERT) I don't really like this movie because Alex (in the movie) was taken from his parents when he was 10 and the father thought that he killed his daughter but he didn't do anything, so the father tortured him the whole movie, i couldn't even watch it. and at the end HE WASN'T EVEN SAVED. And the father also got hur...
Profile Pic eliz Mn :3 says:
I just felt sad about Alex he's a poor guy :(
Profile Pic patrick l'toile du noir patrick says:

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