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The Prisoner (2012)

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Watch The Prisoner movie online free - A scout group has been divided into two camps to wander in the mountains for three days and play war games, when suddenly, two of the young red team discover an opponent on the yellow team and decide to take a prisoner , taking the game a little beyond their limits. A funny and tender story of friendship between rivals.

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Genre: Drama, Foreign

Runtime: 00:24:00

Released: 2012-08-19



Profile Pic Dennis Bara says:
This movie is a masterpiece.. i could just watch it because of the cinematography for forever
Profile Pic Digitalle says:
such a good movie
Profile Pic HADOW S says:
what is the music? please
Profile Pic Tobey Muguire says:
Terrific performances all round. All of them deserved Oscar nominations. But Paul Dano was the standout.
Profile Pic Stevo Canuck says:
this trailer literally revealed the whole movie.
Profile Pic christ netten says:
very exxelent movie
Profile Pic kimy st says:
This movie is the most suspenseful movie I have ever seen
Profile Pic mon Bay says:
very good movie...
Profile Pic Jesse B says:
Awful trailer, great film.
Profile Pic Grade's Dad says:
absolutely wonderful movie

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