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Emergency Wedding (1950)

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Watch Emergency Wedding movie online free - Dr. Helen Hunt is a physician married to millionaire Peter Judson Kirk Jr., who is jealous his wife is spending too much time with her male patients. He makes a fool of himself trying to prove her guilt.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:18:00

Released: 1950-11-15



Profile Pic Bill Shelly says:
Saw this movie years ago on TCM as one of "Bob's picks". Wonderfully evokes the period, and a great mystery, with great chemistry between the two leads.
Profile Pic Walter Wheeler says:
A very fine film, excellent plot, pacing, and acting by the primary and supporting cast. Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde did very well together in this entertaining film.
Profile Pic Denise Brutus says:
Such an exquisite movie....Wonderful acting...Those were the days in Paris, during La Belle Epoque ...Thank you!
Profile Pic yuyu poiu says:
Gene looks just like Vivien Leigh
Profile Pic John Doe says:
co starring Jean Simmons . One of the loveliest faces to ever grace the silver screen . She was prolific = acted in many many films
Profile Pic Francine Barr says:
Wonderful Movie,they don't make them like that anymore, Dirk & Jean are Awesome
Profile Pic viking saxon says:
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Profile Pic Ann E says:
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Profile Pic Simon Taylor says:
Jean Simmons was gorgeous and a very clever actress, RIP. For me Bogarde's career really took off with the making of the Servant
Profile Pic MrSunlander says:
Tone change at 18 mins is great.....

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