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Emergency Wedding (1950)

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Watch Emergency Wedding movie online free - Dr. Helen Hunt is a physician married to millionaire Peter Judson Kirk Jr., who is jealous his wife is spending too much time with her male patients. He makes a fool of himself trying to prove her guilt.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:18:00

Released: 1950-11-15



Profile Pic Dipankar Sharma says:
Profile Pic yakk13 says:
Never heard of Indian wrestling.
Profile Pic Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA says:
this is a truly feel good movie ,its what they call today a sleeper hit ,but its feel god factor never mars its realism ,the American upper middle class has seldom been depicted so well ,from the two kids to the dog itself , reminded me of its complicated ,and that is a compliment ,the 7 characters never swear ,no guns shown ,n...
Profile Pic ziblot123 says:
I like these old ones but this woman makes me irate. I was born in 1950 and my Dad was an Army officer. I had one brother and we didnt have no damn maid. My Mama did all the washing, the cooking (unfortunately),and she didnt have time to organize country club dances. She should have plenty to do.
Profile Pic Dutchgram says:
Enjoyable, pleasant movie with fun characters.
Profile Pic Rita E says:
so nice and clean and emotional. they dont make movies like this anymore...
Profile Pic Tu Bailey says:
A young Martin Milner from Adam 12
Profile Pic Tu Bailey says:
You go Girl
Profile Pic Nighisty Branyan says:
Play the field, they said that in the 1950s
Profile Pic Nighisty Branyan says:
What a lovely movie

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