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Para Que Este Mundo Não Acabe! (2009)

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Watch Para Que Este Mundo Não Acabe! movie online free - "Come and see this world end!" - wrote the the priest António Fontes, father of folk medicine and "burning witches" in Vilar de Perdizes, a desperate plea in his precious monograph of the Barroso region. And I (João Botelho) went. Then I saw the people and the land. Haunting on discovery. Heart sank. "God is good but the devil is not so bad!" - We learned from this Community habits and that is great, tough and generous. And I also learned that no fairer place for a demand of life and even the elusive happiness there, I assure you, it is always possible.

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Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 00:54:00

Released: 2009-08-01



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