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The Black Secret (1919)

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Watch The Black Secret movie online free - Directed by George B. Seitz.

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Released: 1919-01-02



Profile Pic Michael Deas says:
Most of the people professing themselves to be Jews are actually edomites, and being Jewish has nothing to do with race We Are All One race!
Profile Pic Elihu Yisrael says:
Excellent video. All the Hebrew israelites are negroes.
Profile Pic Bj Love says:
I'm thinking this is an gentile brethren, that has come into the truth. Because most of the gentiles that was subscribers just left your page. Because your stating facts right. Well my friend, they where never your brethren from the begin with you can tell those who are of you by their spirit. The bible state's that we must test...
Profile Pic Milton Vargas says:
that's exactly what I was waiting for you to say you full fill prophecy 1 Jhon 2:18 dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the anticrist is coming, even now many anticrist have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. 1 Jhon 2:22 who is the liar , if it is not the one who denies that Jesus is the ...
Profile Pic YuDuTheMath says:
FYI - The letter "J" wasn't invented in its current form until about 500 years ago, so the term "Jew" wasn't used by the writers of the Scriptures. They wrote in Hebrew or Aramaic (which is a derivative of Hebrew). There is no corresponding letter in the Hebrew of that time to phonetically pronounce the letter "J". So as ...
Profile Pic Maayan Israel says:
If you can't handle this truth, then I suggest you go watch another video. Thank you H.T.N for helping to bring this truth out.
Did you do the graphics to this video? this look great!
Profile Pic Johnny Ramirez says:
FALSE! I liked your videos UNTIL NOW! so your telling me that the God of Israel couldn't save his "black jews" and that the Jews of Israel are not real Jews! brother you need the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD! MAY HE SAVE YOU!
Profile Pic Heiscomingsoon 2121 says:
Edomites are NOT gentiles and they are NOT running this world the Gentile are they are white people

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