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Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (1968)

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Watch Frankenstein's Bloody Terror movie online free - A man suffers from the curse of lycanthrope and seeks help from doctor and wife team. They both turn out to be vampires and end up dueling it out with the werewolf star.

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror Poster

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1:31:00

Released: 1968-07-29


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Profile Pic Steve Burstein says:
I was really confused when I saw this and "Frankenstein" never showed up.
Profile Pic Ken Gage says:
From 1968, this is the FIRST entry in Paul Naschy's long-running 12-part werewolf series about Count Waldemar Daninsky.  The film should be called Mark of the Wolfman in English ("La Marca del Hombre Lobo"), but you know how creative sales people and marketers can get.  Besides "Frankenstein's Bloody Terror," this film is also...
Profile Pic MrBobzilla49 says:
Wait a second...that scene @1:44 - 1:54 is stock footage from another movie called "Fury of the Wolfman"
Profile Pic Kain Nosgoth says:
The Vampire-Doctor? I think I have this guy for my physician...he sucks my wallet dry every time I visit him, LOL
Profile Pic fridaynitefrights says:
A true classic that inspired me to make werewolf films!
Profile Pic balrog13571 says:
@miakaal From what I hear when the movie came to the people who released it in American theatres they had claimed to be working on a Frankenstein project but just ended up releasing this under that title and making a hilarious intro where they say that somehow the Frankenstein family became the Wolfstein family, and it was on ...
Profile Pic Bazil Bedazzil says:
It's a bit weird that a film called "Frankenstein" does not actually feature the said monster.
Profile Pic eric morse says:
Watching the movie right now. Back when werewolf/vampire movies were a good thing.
Profile Pic GreatGarloo876 says:
I never knew the Reverend Ivan Stang announced movie trailers.
Profile Pic Carandini says:
You have it right. They used it to fill out a double header, attaching the name 'Frankenstein' to the movie because the drive-ins wanted a new Frankenstein movie - even though there isn't a sniff of Frankenstein or his monster in this movie.

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