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Girls, Girls (1967)

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Watch Girls, Girls movie online free - An underage girl starts an affair with her much older employer. Then, her lover is sentenced for the seduction of a minor, and the young woman gets involved with his son, the junior head of the company. When his father is released from prison, father and son become rivals for their shared lover.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:42:00

Released: 1967-01-05



Profile Pic TJ and Sarah says:
I'm not crazy, La La Land straight lifts melodies from this, right?
Profile Pic Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band says:
This looks even more modern than La La Land. Thanks a bunch, technology!
Profile Pic EatinBubsy says:
this looks absolutely gorgeous. criterion have done such a good job brining out those beautiful colours
Profile Pic Jess Manuel says:
La La Land brought me here lol
Profile Pic SCD Observer says:
It's like the film version of West Side Story!
Profile Pic John Erdmann says:
The color and thetwo sisters!wow
Profile Pic Adriano Vazquez says:
I think LA LA land takes a lot from this
Profile Pic BeruBara4Ham says:
Wait I thought Bernardo died from stabbed by Tony.
Profile Pic Davi Barros says:
One of the most beautiful and magic films ever made
Profile Pic Kiefer I says:
Where can I find that piano version of Concerto at the end of this trailer?

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