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Cascadia: The Hidden Fire (2004)

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Watch Cascadia: The Hidden Fire movie online free - A new "groundbreaking" broadcast television special/home video that educates homeowners, business owners and educators on earthquake hazards unique to the Cascadia region and how to effectively prepare for and survive them.

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Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 2004-01-01



Profile Pic Lis Skelsey says:
The only reality id Pizza.
Profile Pic Lis Skelsey says:
How stupid. I do not believe any of this.
Profile Pic Joni Hip says:
My grandpap says: "Fuck all the mother fuckers on the west coast."
Profile Pic HatRatt says:
I think the earthquake will also kick off the Mt Rainier eruption that is way overdue.
Profile Pic Mondo Enterprises says:
Science?? Trump says it's Fake News!
Profile Pic J. B. Mac says:
People wake up. Scriptures foretold of greater catastrophes than these. In fact the whole world will be rocked again. God is getting ready to stop warning us, and then He will unleash His full anger on all who oppose Him. The entire earth was at one time under water. This happened in Noah's day.
Profile Pic E. Lewis Basher says:
300 years ago?
Profile Pic Paul Wade says:
2018 mega earthquakes 2018 15.9 terrem0tto amen.
Profile Pic Dave Gaynor says:
Let me know when it does! Are all you fear mongers listening?
Profile Pic Brian G says:
Remember the town name.... Ocean Shores WA...many will die here, it's a flat peninsula, that spans for like 10 miles with a relatively large population...high ground is nowhere in sight, and there is only one road out which will become a choke point as people try to race out of the area. That one road will probably be compromise...

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