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Cascadia: The Hidden Fire (2004)

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Watch Cascadia: The Hidden Fire movie online free - A new "groundbreaking" broadcast television special/home video that educates homeowners, business owners and educators on earthquake hazards unique to the Cascadia region and how to effectively prepare for and survive them.

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Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 2004-01-01



Profile Pic Memory Amethyst says:
What I took away from this is that if laundry commercials really want to impress me, they should show their products washing Brian Atwater's work clothes. (the geological survey guy) Kudos to him for the many hours he spends in freezing cold mud being eaten by insects.
Profile Pic Aeona The Latias says:
Predicting earthquakes is NOT impossible. Dutchsinse (who hosts a daily live stream here on YT and on Twitch) has been able to for at least 5 years. There's a slow slip going on on the west coast of the US right now. Causing swarms of small quakes. Right now. Once it stops, a very very large earthquake will happen. Possibly a m...
Profile Pic Colin Craig says:
USGS is not reporting EQ off Washington and Oregon. And down playing Yellowstone Quakes. Hard to compile data when our Gov. Is not reporting accurately. Like they think no one else reports them? Getting too much like Russia and China, who refuse to report theirs. Calif. will be small compared to that off WA and OR. Prepare, prep...
Profile Pic Maranatha says:
Matthew 24
Profile Pic Gladys Pallo says:
I know since 1970 ROUT 66 Which crosses U.S. from Atlantic to Pacific will split in 2 and many towns will sink due to an Earthquake! even New Jersey will split in half coz ROUT 66 CROSSES N.J
Profile Pic james mueller says:
all the affected areas are along what i consider the I-5 corridor,,, pretty cool,,, from B.C. down to san andres, hopefully,,, the areas INFECTED by liberals,, will be taken out,,, no more sanctuary cities or holly-wierd clowns,,, and i used to think there was no God,,, only an all powerful God could plan something so great,,, ...
Profile Pic Panda Demuffin says:
watch venus project jacque fresco free the world!!!
Profile Pic Gladys Pallo says:
You! Europeans massacred IndiansGod plans. He will drive the assassins out by flods, by earth wakes, by war. AMERICAN INDIANS WILL BE RESTORED TO THEIR STOLEN PROMISED LAND Of their INHERITANCE! Justice WILL BE SERVED!
Profile Pic NT T says:
What a load of garbage. People in California are not standing by in fear and simply waiting. We're laid back and we're not idiots. There are no dramatic 'preparations' of emergency services or children, and they're not "now being taught lessons of survival" Earthquake drills have been going on for decades and decades. All of thi...

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