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The Golden City (1942)

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Watch The Golden City movie online free - Controversial Nazi-era filmmaker Veidt Harlan was the guiding hand behind Die Goldene Stadt. The heroine (Kristine Soderbaum) is a naïve farm girl who wants nothing more out of life than to visit the "Golden City" of Prague. Once arrived, she quickly falls into a bad crowd. She is ultimately disowned by her father and abandoned by her beau. Distinctly xenophobic in tone, Die Goldene Stadt doesn't stand the test of time too well. Lensed in Agfacolor, the film was based on Der Gigant, a play by Richard Billinger.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:50:00

Released: 1942-09-03



Profile Pic ric david says:
Hitler only had one ball
Profile Pic Alize Renard says:
What's the song we hear in the beginning ? I just love it but can't seem to find it
Profile Pic Michael Mcgee says:
This looks like form the vhs version.the dvd verison is sharper

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