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Dahmer (2002)

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Watch Dahmer movie online free - On February 15, 1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, one of the world's most infamous serial killers, was convicted of 15 counts of murder and sentenced to 937 years in federal prison. This movie is based on events from his life. Certain characters and events are fictional.

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Genre: Drama, Horror

Runtime: 1:41:00

Released: 2002-06-21


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Profile Pic Mike D says:
Awesome Dahmer movie and very accurate! This was right before when he became a huge star.
Profile Pic a grvs says:
Omg dont let him biy those shoes lol
Profile Pic jandagrinding says:
why movies of serial killers, they are evil incarnate and these sick people, actors, producers, etc. are making money from the evil, the sick killers left behind, straight blood money! it is a sad state of affairs for our society as a whole! GOD have mercy on us all!
Profile Pic FIix TV says:
*My Friend Dahmer* F H M [ ]
Profile Pic JMD Nelson says:
I absolutely LOVE the song at the beginning and end of this trailer!! Wish I knew what it was called. Anybody know?!
Profile Pic Devil_with_a _heart says:
under rated film.. critically acclaimed but sadly it bombed ata the box office
Profile Pic Leonid Ivanov says:
he looks so much like jeffrey dahmer
Profile Pic 11swallowedinthesea says:
A great family movie!
Profile Pic Jennifer Cooper says:
One of my top five favourite films of all time. <3
Profile Pic Aviram Michaeli says:
i am a pervent (but not completely) but i am not killer or homosexual gay and someone who likes to cut poor animals

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