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Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)

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Watch Apocalypse Pompeii movie online free - When a former Special Ops commando visits Pompeii, his wife and daughter are trapped as Mt. Vesuvius erupts with massive force. While his family fights to survive the deadly onslaught of heat and lava, he enlists his former teammates in a daring operation beneath the ruins of the city of Pompeii.

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Genre: Adventure, Action

Runtime: 1:28:00

Released: 2014-02-18



Profile Pic Safa Mzoughi says:
Profile Pic Ron Aromin says:
Is this worth watching? or waste of time? please be honest...
Profile Pic Erik Andersson says:
This is probably what happens when you try to make a film in less than a week with a budget of $ 100 1,5 hour wasted of my life..
Profile Pic Francis Smith says:
Haven't seen the film but I think its harsh to criticise the acting and production value of the film. I'm sure an effort is being made with the budget given and a majority of the team involved making the film might be new to the film industry. It could be a stepping stone in their career, particularly for the actors, who may hav...
Profile Pic r123987 says:
I was there when it happened!
Profile Pic T - MIX says:
This Is Sooooo Fake Can I Sue You ?
Profile Pic FEMME The Movie says:
Ben Demaree is the new James Cameron! Thanks Ben for shooting my movie ATTILA! You Rock!!
Profile Pic Funkytrip73 says:
2000 years later we have cars, planes and big ships to move people away...
Profile Pic Allibaad Cortzen says:
Hey it's Birdemics cousn
Profile Pic Danijel Novak says:
Worst acting and efects ever waste of time to watch big pice of it

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