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Another Family (2014)

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Watch Another Family movie online free - The true story about the legal battle between Samsung Semiconductor and its employees who contracted leukemia comes to the screen. Taxi driver Sang-gu is overjoyed when his daughter is hired by the country’s best semiconductor factory, but just two years later he learns that she has been diagnosed with leukemia. The film focuses on the story of one individual fighting a giant enterprise. Sang-gu and his family, along with their attorney and other families of leukemia patients, start the fight strong but are soon shaken up as the company uses different methods of appeasement and pressure to keep the families from uniting, among them offering money to keep the issue from becoming public. People become reluctant to be a witness for trial, either because of their loyalty to the company or for the well being of their families. The film takes us through the long fight and the people’s continued despair and dejection.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:00:00

Released: 2014-02-06



Profile Pic Celeste Rosete says:
Oh my gosh I just saw this trailer and I thought right away that something bad was going to happen to that girl. Ima watch this it looks good
Profile Pic Stephen says:
Profile Pic Ardi Azra Rumy says:
The best family drama movie,..
Profile Pic Jahdania Ashby-leota says:
this would make a great leverage episode
Profile Pic Isi Dora says:
Profile Pic hpncorplax says:
Good damnit, Hank! Stop telling me the whole storie in one trailer!
Profile Pic Kaster Troy says:
No reason to watch it now, preview showed the whole movie... Sweet!!
Profile Pic sadia says:
Profile Pic Nikolai's Journey says:
Eww why TF is Madison Beer in this movie
Profile Pic Timofey Marko says:
I just watched the whole movie in this one trailer.

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