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Starry Eyes (2014)

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Watch Starry Eyes movie online free - A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

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Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1:38:00

Released: 2014-07-29


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Profile Pic ONE MAN RIOT says:
One of the BEST HORROR films of the 2010's....SEE THIS MOVIE!
Profile Pic Alberto Macstaire says:
It seems the producers were trying to tell us something with this movie. Damn, the relevance of this movie today.
Profile Pic The Roo says:
And with something coming out today about a Smallville actress running a cult where they brand people, kinda makes you wonder if this movie is closer to the bone than people give it credit for.
Profile Pic John Lombardo says:
This movie is a twisted reality sadly .. anyone interested in breaking into the music or film industry, watch this and think twice ..
Profile Pic Jos Ari Ojeda Murcia says:
It looks like the Neon Demon.
Profile Pic Lorna Tw says:
I tell you now this is the craziest movie I have ever watched. Talk about complete story line and genre escalation. Its obvious what the metaphors are about but I feel there was a weird mix of real life issues and complete horror fantasy. It is crazy though and I do crazy!
Profile Pic Jorge Alejandro Palala says:
The film industry today ¡Illuminaty rules!
Profile Pic Jrgen Nielsen says:
That looks shitty as the new Pet Cemetrary will be if He is the producer
Profile Pic Shaxuul says:
"Welcome to Big Titties. My name is Sarah. Can I start you guys off with an order of our Freedom Tits?"
Profile Pic jrmetmoi says:
This is all about Harvey Weinstein and the rest of em out in Hollywood

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