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Starry Eyes (2014)

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Watch Starry Eyes movie online free - A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

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Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1:38:00

Released: 2014-07-29


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Profile Pic Cesar Andres Zuleta Villegas says:
fundamental rule: Put the truth in front of everyone so nobody sees it
Profile Pic NORMLfan13 says:
This movie is Kim Kardashian's back story.
Profile Pic C Molles says:
The message in the movie is simple be a wolf not the sheep
Profile Pic zhang ji fu says:
very very cool film !!!!
Profile Pic DrDemento456 says:
To me the ending was meh killed all her friends and not even a poster at the end to show she finally made it? Terrible
Profile Pic JM says:
At last a film which reflects what you have to do if you wanna be famous and rich. I wonder when is a book about these celebrities  going to be released? I want to know which actors sold their souls to a false god. I wanna know who gave his ass away.
Profile Pic Debb Mendoza says:
This movie was nuts
Profile Pic Onyka Jallim says:
This is based on what goes on in Hollywood it's very factual those people are evil and gate keepers to all our dreams if you want to become famous you will have to do those things beyonce, rihanna, nicki minaj all of them do it.
Profile Pic Divapril 74 says:
Background score is everything!
Profile Pic lunarpark says:
Loved this movie.. similar to a lot of movies especially Contracted with the body horror aspect. But I found this a little more relatable in the sense of just being young, struggling, and having shitty friends. The central character is very fleshed out and it's entertaining to see how far she will go to get what she wants. Very ...

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