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Mickey (1948)

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Watch Mickey movie online free - A pretty, tomboyish teenager comes of age in an American small town.

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Runtime: 1:27:00

Released: 1948-06-23



Profile Pic Jacob Woods says:
This one of my favorite episodes
Profile Pic Bloody Bri Bri Harley Cassie Quinn Mccree says:
Goofy is so dumb he didnt even Park to eat not only is a doofus hes very stupid
Profile Pic JARJCR97 says:
that is one fast thinking and strong mickey
Profile Pic oancea nicolae says:
Liked. MIKI
Profile Pic homerun443 says:
Fun fact about this cartoon. The whole nation of Sweden sits down on Christmas eve at 3 PM to watch the 1958 Disney Christmas Special where this is included.
Profile Pic Jason Learakos2005 says:
7:04, note the wig wag crossing signal. This is the fourth time one of these appear in a Disney cartoon. You see some in Cars, Dumbo, and Disneyland California Adventure.
Profile Pic Friends Lovers says:
Donald taking a bath...
Profile Pic this is the last cookie says:
this cartoon made me want to live in a trailer so bad.
Profile Pic Nikita Audio says:
1:03 I jst noticed the background behind Mickey is trees and a rock with blue sky, when they're still at the dump!
Profile Pic HippieGoLucky says:
I remember watching this as a kid and I always wanted to be able to drive into my bathtub like Donald

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