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Mickey (1948)

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Watch Mickey movie online free - A pretty, tomboyish teenager comes of age in an American small town.

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Runtime: 1:27:00

Released: 1948-06-23



Profile Pic Darrel Lance Evangelista says:
you wanna know why i like old animations? because it defies the laws of physics
Profile Pic Zelda Brooks says:
7:22 had me non stop laughing as a kid will never forget it
Profile Pic KTChamberlain says:
You ever notice how rare it is to see cartoons sleep with their socks on like Mickey? I'm the only guy in my family that does that and I've only noticed a handful of cartoon characters that do that, especially in TV animations like Star Butterfly, Jimmy Neutron, Dipper and Mabel Pines, etc.
Profile Pic Kenneth Eisenhower says:
This is why I hate Goofy.
Profile Pic David Weinstock says:
which cartoon has them driving through the drive through redwood tree?
Profile Pic Richard Mann says:
Seems some of the very best cartoons came out of the depression.
Profile Pic Matthew Caldern says:

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