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The Enemy (1965)

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Watch The Enemy movie online free - An ex-soldier named Slobodan Antic, referred to by a friend as one of the last idealists, finds himself losing control over his own life when a man identical to him starts following him around, claiming to be a friend but behaving suspiciously. Before long his dealings with this doppelganger begin to cost him and his professional and romantic life grow more and more confused.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1965-01-01



Profile Pic Rasputin says:
I prefer the remake in which Captain Kirk and the Enterprise took on the Romulans. Same plot, anyway.
Profile Pic Armesis P says:
Meh, in real life the U boat will sink 32 ships and always get away. German commanders would eject random junk out the torpedo bay after a depth charge bombardment to fool the enemy.
Profile Pic Jim Allgren says:
Ship that played the Haynes was DE634 USS Whitehurst - my Pop served on her in Korea.
Profile Pic Barbara H. says:
the only WW2 movie I like.
Profile Pic Ramfis Trujillo says:
Great casting and scenery make this flic a classic and a must to see. T Y 4 this great dnload, Mr Appert.  

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