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Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991)

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Watch Kickboxer 2: The Road Back movie online free - Kickboxer 2 is, well, an unnecessary sequel which unfortunately lacked the presence of the phenomenal Jean-Claude Van Damme. Despite this, the movie manages to be a great deal of fun. The fights are well staged and there is an excess of campy acting which is a requisite of this genre. It is one of many of these types of flicks which could make you cry if you take it seriously, in that you'll regre

Kickboxer 2:  The Road Back Poster

Genre: Action, Adventure

Runtime: 1:29:00

Released: 1991-01-30



Profile Pic Kakarot says:
Tong Po is some crazy guy in the ring in these 2 films
Profile Pic Thales Monteiro says:
i saw this trailer years ago but I just remembered the "don't push me - ahhhhhhhhh" cut and had to get here to see it again lol
Profile Pic Adrian Latalladi says:
nope kamel kriffia
Profile Pic damiandadmn says:
1:44 to the end is the best part!
Profile Pic Adrian Latalladi says:
kamel kriffia was the best tong po
Profile Pic Adrian Latalladi says:
the aggressor was the best
Profile Pic Abood Ash says:
The first two films were great, but the third to the fifth movie were sucked.
Profile Pic Ana Quintana says:
somebody have the full movie? alguien tiene la peli completa?
Profile Pic ultimatesol says:
this isn't direct sequel! it is a reboot..
Profile Pic weirdalfan1980 says:
I think 2 is better then 1 with storyline,  it's more complex, like a kid dying a David Sloan gym in the fire.  And a fixed match causing the death of David's friend and ex student at the hands of Tong Po and lead to a match with David/ Tong Po.  Where 1 storyline plot is going to Thailand to face Tong Po, while Eric got crip...

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