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Bujang Lapok Kembali Daa (1986)

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Movie Synopsis

Watch Bujang Lapok Kembali Daa movie online free - Two old bachelors, a taxi driver and a parking attendant, share a rented house in the city. Aziz and Sudin witnesses a robbery and the robbers are after them. They run into the jungle and meet a Japanese family. Will they ever outrun the bandits who saw them?

Bujang Lapok Kembali Daa Poster

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 1986-01-01



Profile Pic Alan Nadhirah says:
Al Fatihah..
Profile Pic Fadzle Pali says:
Oh tosan oh tosan.. Dri jauh dia pya jerit..
Profile Pic Rampant Monkey says:
its hard to watch this movie i had to learn malay to enjoy and finally deciding to review entire works on asianfanfacis . thanks for sharing tho :)
Profile Pic Cheros Maliya says:
Astro bila nak tayang cerita ni kat tv.asyik ulang cerita yg sama je...mana cerita-cerita zaman 80an,90an,70an,dan seakatan dgn nya.
Profile Pic Abun Jutawan says:
Bg saye vedioo.. Best
Profile Pic Geng Taring says:
Time ni belum ada lagi #hobikamimahal hahahaahahahshahshshs
Profile Pic Zaber Zee says:
Alhamdulillah...vcd citer nie masih ada lagi..Tidak ada sebarang calar pn...Tersimpan elok...senang nak tengok...bila teringat...
Profile Pic kucayy 31 says:
Dalam betul mesej yg die smpai kan...
Profile Pic Mohamed Shamim says:
Rindu tgk teksi hitam kuning
Profile Pic mr kacang says:
hahaha.. 5:50 dia panggil lori plak.. hahaha..

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