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Three, Two, One (1974)

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Watch Three, Two, One movie online free - "Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa" or in english "Three, Two, One" is a compilation of three intimate stories directed by Filipino cinema legend Lino Brocka. The films show the perseverance of hope despite a sense of despair. Featuring a drug addict, an abandoned daughter and a repressed catholic.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:35:00

Released: 1974-11-28


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Profile Pic BaileysMariner says:
Legit one of the best films ever made.
Profile Pic Hostage Negotiation App says:
Oh no! Mr. Wilson was one of the hijackers shot & killed.... presumably... then years later he became the mysterious neighbor of the host of 'Tool Time', Tim (Allen on Home Improvement). I often wondered why he kept his face from being fully exposed. :)
Profile Pic Bobman9420 says:
At this time, it's free on Amazon Prime!!!
Profile Pic Shteno says:
Still, much better than new version! I accidentally saw the new one on TV1000 one day, as I casually turned on the TV, had no idea which film it is, but the story seemed so familiar, and after a while it hit me - this has to be a remake of that good old film I saw as a kid with Robert Shaw! And with all the effects and a great d...
Profile Pic Noodles37UK says:
He's from Lancashire, btw ,that Robert Shaw
Profile Pic Daniel Santana says:
UFC legend rich Franklin born 10 5 1974 a few days after this films release and also the black hawk chopper introduced in October 1974.and in October 1974 Ali vs foreman fight
Profile Pic jennifersman says:
Profile Pic Chris Gray says:
Baby Stewie said "You'll be suuurrrrPRISED at wot's physically possible!". :)
Profile Pic bignsmall6 says:
I love this movie !

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