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A Year in the Death of Jack Richards (2005)

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Watch A Year in the Death of Jack Richards movie online free - Jack Richards, a professor in his 50's, has apparently gone mad over the supposed abduction of his daughter by a sinister cult. Wallowing in self-pity for years, he decides to commit suicide. However, the manner in which he decides to suicide is quite peculiar: he allows himself to be abducted by a cult, whose members treat him as their "king" for one year (he is given a castle, concubines, gifts, etc...), and then murder him as an atonement for their yearly sins.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:25:00

Released: 2005-10-02



Profile Pic Berenice grupo says:
me falto el cuarto blanco increible!!
Profile Pic Skip Pettit says:
This music and the musicianship just aged SOOO well with time--Classic!!
Profile Pic Sandro Damiani says:
Devine Monsters!
Profile Pic Chesper040_Official says:
This is real fucking music!!! Thank you Jack, Ginger and Eric!
Profile Pic Phillip Hiku says:
Reading alot of these comments, I see no one has said that these guys and most, if not all the bands, solo artists etc, of that era created their music stoned.
Profile Pic Shawn Bradley says:
305 retards would rather watch a miley cyrus concert.
Profile Pic Eric Cornelissen says:
Despite of all good musicians like this gone astray, if you miss this musical intensity, watch some youtube live videos of Tedeschi Trucks Band.........For me they took over the baton.....
Profile Pic Michael Burgess says:
Encryption is the answer , Time for Bill Gates , Apple and others to pony up and fix this thing, They broke it.
Profile Pic Instaladora AJS says:
Sunshine On Your Love????
Profile Pic Marc Dancaster says:
All amazing but isn't We're Going Wrong just such a total fucking song. It has it all!

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