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Lurah Dendam (1996)

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Watch Lurah Dendam movie online free - While out on a test flight, accident strikes and the group of parachuters, led by Captain Hanafi soon find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization. One of the team members, Ivy is missing and when the only trace they found is a piece of her clothing, tension arises among the group. Many blames Captain Hanafi for the misfortune. In their search for Ivy, the group stumbles upon a mystery in the jungle. Soon peculiar events happen and one by one of them goes missing. Will they be able to survive under these challenging circumstances and get to the root of the mystery? Or could betrayal and revenge be the cause?

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Genre: Action, Adventure

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1996-01-01



Profile Pic Syaamil Suhaimi says:
Cita ni tringat main malam raya masa kecik2 dlu
Profile Pic Mohamed Ikmall says:
Cerita crash plane
Profile Pic Fiza Hussein says:
Thanx so much admin sebab upload. Dapat jugak tengok. Cari minggu lepas xde
Profile Pic Abg zam34 says:
Film retro 90an terbaikk! Ada kelainan dlm film ni! Terbaik thank admin
Profile Pic Gary Farez says:
X silap ingat smpt 2 kali tonton filem ni di pawagam ( 1996 ) .Sblm filem ni keluar panggung sempat jg lh tngk team2 pelakon filem ni buat promosi kt Selayang Mall Shopping Complex
Profile Pic mohd merah says:
you memang terbaik..

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