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The Woman Diver (1979)

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Watch The Woman Diver movie online free - Pinku from 1979.

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Runtime: 1:09:00

Released: 1979-07-21



Profile Pic Sophy ICP. Fuente de Vida says:
Hace muchos aos vi esta pelcula pero en espaol. Necesito obtenerla en espaol... Alguien que me ayude?
Profile Pic kimmyfreak200 says:
just saw this at a theater in a church and she spoke afterwords and I even saw Nick Vucicic there
Profile Pic battywattywoo says:
Was the diving scene shot in the very same place where it really happened? If so, it must have made Joni feel really sick, going through all that a second time.
Profile Pic D Dampen says:
where was this movie filmed?
Profile Pic AndreaMimi1984 says:
A tragedy for Joni, but she want's to missonary other people, so I don't like her.
Profile Pic Mark Rushing says:
Where can I buy this DVD in Houston, TX.??
Profile Pic HeNeedsSomeMilk says:
my grandmother babra roden saved her life she was tempted to kill her self but she helped her and my grandmother just passed away
Profile Pic mark rushing says:
I wonder why cant youtube show this classic hit movie in its entirety??  Y'all show every other movie.  Whats wrong with this movie?
Profile Pic tall32guy says:
This trailer has been up for years. STILL waiting for someone to post the full movie, as yet!
Profile Pic Kasthuri Harrison says:
i love my husband pernell

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