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Blind Faith (1998)

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Watch Blind Faith movie online free - in 1957 an African-American criminal lawyer (Courtney B. Vance) defends his nephew, who faces the death penalty for murdering a white boy. Charles S. Dutton, Kadeem Hardison, Garland Whitt and Lonette McKee costar in this drama of racial and social tensions.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:02:00

Released: 1998-11-23


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Profile Pic Tia Johnson says:
I'm so glad God didn't allow me to be born in that time ..... I would have surely be dead by white ppl .... and I hope his father suffer the rest of his life ..... terrible but good movie
Profile Pic Roger Waihaperoger. says:
What sort of father would let pride and a badge come before his own sons life..Damn great movie..
Profile Pic Arleshia Goodman says:
this was a good as's gone make u mad as heck..the daddy gone piss u's gone keep you in suspense...the end is shocking...most def worth the watch!!
Profile Pic Arleshia Goodman says:
the son was pissing me off not talking...dude u bout to die you better say sum nut...I going to keep watching tho
Profile Pic Meres-sia Gabriel says:
Daaaaanggg!!! Talk about your plot twists!
Profile Pic Jasper DiLincoln says:
Excellent movie, but sad
Profile Pic Toya Grandberry says:
Bravo! This movie never gets old. Sadly the times have not changed far as father's accepting homosexual sons. The equal rights culture is progressing but We have a long way to go!
Profile Pic Camille Godley says:
Thank you for uploading this!!! I'm basically here for the music score, its so beautiful, yet serious!!
Profile Pic msaqualady85 says:
OMG...I've been looking for this movie forever... Love it/
Profile Pic Elke Dietz says:
Sad but Powerful Film ....

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