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Blind Faith (1998)

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Watch Blind Faith movie online free - in 1957 an African-American criminal lawyer (Courtney B. Vance) defends his nephew, who faces the death penalty for murdering a white boy. Charles S. Dutton, Kadeem Hardison, Garland Whitt and Lonette McKee costar in this drama of racial and social tensions.

Blind Faith Poster

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:02:00

Released: 1998-11-23


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Profile Pic Tia Johnson says:
I'm so glad God didn't allow me to be born in that time ..... I would have surely be dead by white ppl .... and I hope his father suffer the rest of his life ..... terrible but good movie
Profile Pic Tayah-ha Harmitt says:
Profile Pic Tracy Clark says:
as a black man..born in early 70 s ..I've never seen or heard of this movie... Great upload and it's appreciated.......
Profile Pic Baron Dawud says:
Great Movie these films truly document our collective experience as blacks in the hells and wilderness of N.America ..Charles ..Courtney ..Kadeem ..3 black kings ..excellent acting !!
Profile Pic Andrea White says:
My first time watching this movie..great acting!!
Profile Pic Porsha Brown says:
I absolutely love your channel! I really love the short stories that you have posted. I watch TV but not the movies. They don't make the movies or short films like this anymore. Thanks for showing the old goodies!
Profile Pic Karen Brank says:
I "really" can not understand why a Black person thinks because they have a specific job or education that a racist person is going to accept them. Some white people NOT ALL OF THEM AND I STRESS THAT BECAUSE I TRULY BELIEVE EVERYONE IS NOT THE SAME I AM SPEAKING OF RACISTS! United States still has the same problem with men being...
Profile Pic Dameon Christopher Johnson says:
Wow... so Charlie& his father wanted 2 wait until after he was sentenced and his appeals were lost 2 tell the truth? How stupid is that? They should have come 2 their senses way before. And the father... all he cared about was his career and badge. He sacrificed his own son.
Profile Pic shelly waymire says:
Very sad movie. The father sacrificed he's family and his own identity for his career. I cant understand Charles saying he would "hate the person that lets his son die" But his pride and self hate ultimately killed him anyway, maybe he didn't know he was guy at the time. Such a tragedy.
Profile Pic Mahogany Coy says:
One of the best films ive seen in years....WOW!!!!

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