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John Redmond, the Evangelist (1915)

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Watch John Redmond, the Evangelist movie online free - John Redmond is a "long-haired" youngster who belongs to a wealthy family. But due to the fact that he likes very much to live an extravagant life amidst bad company, he spoils his life. A victim of a dirty trick by one of his supposed friends, he goes to prison for a crime he never committed. It will be there, thanks to the prison's clergyman, that Herr Redmond finally is able to get back his well-mannered life. Thanks to newfound faith, he becomes a clergyman too - preaching the gospel and using his life as a bad example. In this way, he helps the poor people who live a more miserable life accustomed as they are to the slums rather than his elegant districts.

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Runtime: 00:51:00

Released: 1915-02-17



Profile Pic Marthanan Bonelli says:
I hope to find this book at the Ness city public library Kansas.

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