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The Lord Worked Wonders in Me (2011)

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Watch The Lord Worked Wonders in Me movie online free - The crew of 'Honour of the Knights' travel to La Mancha to visit the real settings of Quixote’s life in order to shoot the film.

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Runtime: 2:26:00

Released: 2011-01-01



Profile Pic JesusChristourLordGOD says:
JESUS CHRIST is not religion. That is the deception that the adversary wants you to believe. The Truth will always be the Truth, no matter whether you believe it or not. And that day will come when we will all stand before the Lord to account for everything. Without Jesus Christ everyone will be headed for eternal destruction ...
Profile Pic StarseedDeb says:
Great movie!
Profile Pic Jane E Millar says:
This world is winding up! it can't continue this way! I believe that JESUS can come back any time! but if course I don't know the day and Hour, only God Knows for sure! Matthew 2r:36. no man, no angels, don't know! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and GOD Bless! Jane
Profile Pic Karent yu says:
Thanks for sharing this movie. God bless.
Profile Pic Alisha Maharjan says:
praise the lord
Profile Pic Irma Davis says:
I enjoyed this movie, thank you
Profile Pic teamgrimmie forever says:
i watched this movie 3+ times over and i still love watching it again.. every time i watch it i find something in it that moves me..
Profile Pic Chris Douglass says:
Yeah Jesus Is So Loving If He So loving why couldn't he save everyone from the 911 attack huh he just sat there on his chair and did nothing so I'm not being a atheist but i believe he is very real but he just doesn't care
Profile Pic Pavel Kudryashov says:
God is definitely worth of praise and honor. NOT like Nick did. REALLY touched my heart!!!
Profile Pic Nikki L EE says:
I wish they made more, i love this movie

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