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Big (1988)

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Watch Big movie online free - A young boy, Josh Baskin makes a wish at a carnival machine to be big. He wakes up the following morning to find that it has been granted and his body has grown older overnight. But he is still the same 13-year-old boy inside. Now he must learn how to cope with the unfamiliar world of grown-ups including getting a job and having his first romantic encounter with a woman. What will he find out about this strange world?

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Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Family

Runtime: 1:44:00

Released: 1988-06-03


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Profile Pic Ahsoka Girl says:
Eh. It doesn't look that good
Profile Pic James Lisle says:
Very underrated movie.
Profile Pic Alex Macey says:
YouTube is terrible you used to watch full movies on here now you can't do that it's a joke
Profile Pic SMGguy says:
What is the song that plays when tom hanks first wakes up?
Profile Pic Steffen Aleksander Wennerstrand says:
I am going to buy that movie and start a Blu-Ray collection
Profile Pic Steffen Aleksander Wennerstrand says:
Profile Pic Josiel de Assis says:
Back then, he was a jerk! As a matter of a fact, he still is...
Profile Pic Chris Wolff says:
This movie was absolutely terrific. Tom Hanks couldn't have been more believable.
Profile Pic Baby Alive says:
Idot sorry dummy
Profile Pic says:
Soooo good.And Mr.Hanks was so cute in this movie.

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