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Alien Avengers II (1997)

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Watch Alien Avengers II movie online free - Weird things are happening in the town of Justice, Arizona: three sheriffs have disappeared, and someone is killing the rancher's livestock in a bizarre, ritualistic fashion. Locals believe the incidents were caused by aliens... But a visiting couple, Charlie and Rhonda, knows better – because they're aliens themselves. When no one else will, Charlie and Rhonda volunteer to be the new sheriffs to get to bottom of the crimes. Hiding behind the power of the badge, the two make their own rules, punishing wrong-doers with their own form of "eye-for-an-eye" alien vengeance. Follow this twisted, outer space "Bonnie and Clyde" as they attempt to bring Justice the justice it deserves.

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Genre: TV Movie, Comedy, Science Fiction

Runtime: 1:29:00

Released: 1997-10-25


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Profile Pic Brandon C says:
Who looked up "Alien Avengers 2" after watching the WIRED video with Jason Sudeikis & Anne Hathaway?
Profile Pic Henry Iniguez says:
Is that Jason Sudeikis at :43?!
Profile Pic wtf0804hydroponics says:
Could you upload this movie if you have it?
Profile Pic kevinstein brownenstein says:
Im looking for this if you can help..and the first one. hard to find i guess.

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