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Detroit Metal City (2008)

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Watch Detroit Metal City movie online free - Soichi Negishi moved to Tokyo to chase his dream of becoming a musician playing stylish, Swedish-style pop. Instead, he finds himself leading the death metal band Detroit Metal City, or DMC, as the costumed and grotesquely made-up "demon emperor" Johannes Krauser II. Although he hates the role and the things he has to do as a member of the band, he has a definite talent for it.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:44:00

Released: 2008-08-22



Profile Pic says:
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Profile Pic Arutemisu says:
Was that Gene Simmons?!?!
Profile Pic Thomas McMartin says:
am i the only one who thinks that live action anime is shit
Profile Pic B A says:
He is L
Profile Pic CurtisAlfeld says:
Holy fucking shit, Gene Simmons. I have got to see this.
Profile Pic Retlosh says:
Profile Pic Alexander Kopanakis says:
A link where to watch it with english sub?
Profile Pic Pandaa says:
actually, Krauser's costume is very, very gay :D
Profile Pic Uzimachi says:
I laughed so hard at the bathroom scene.
Profile Pic Jack Saba says:
I'm suprised Gene Simmons did not sue them for parodying Detroit Rock City, let alone act in it.

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