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The Plant (1995)

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Watch The Plant movie online free - In a garden in a London suburb, corpses sprout out of the earth on during a live television gardening programme called Down to Earth. However, it soon appears that these human bodies are not dead people, they are grown there, like plants. The question is who is growing these bodies and for which purpose.

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Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1995-01-20



Profile Pic The Lalilulelo says:
This is Mad Max, but on water :D
Profile Pic shalko 91 says:
Mad max on water?
Profile Pic Archer V. says:
I love the music. and the world... is me on the apocalipsis. is joke im limon guy. hahaha.
Profile Pic Bill Bright says:
Water , water , every where , but nare a drop to drink. Ahoy Matey,, land ho! Why Ye scurvy bilge rat, Ye stole me limes! Well,, what ever floats Ye boat.
Profile Pic Ghazanfer Mahmood says:
One of the best Movie Ever i Seen About to Watch every time.
Profile Pic Sahil Khan says:
Profile Pic datbatch says:
brings back memory, wish i can go back to 1995
Profile Pic PaperWindXeno -FireSmash says:
Cool concept, mediocre movie. Fitting for a game, similar to Wind Waker.
Profile Pic Poly Nikes says:
This movie is my guilty pleasure.
Profile Pic Mike Cimerian says:
This could have been better. I like Dennis Hopper but the raving madman is sketchy as a character. The antagonists are caricatures. Costner did the same mistake with The Postman, a very good novel.

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