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The Plant (1995)

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Watch The Plant movie online free - In a garden in a London suburb, corpses sprout out of the earth on during a live television gardening programme called Down to Earth. However, it soon appears that these human bodies are not dead people, they are grown there, like plants. The question is who is growing these bodies and for which purpose.

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Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1995-01-20



Profile Pic Aquarius Current says:
Yep, I prefer 2017 Jumanji for crying out loud
Profile Pic Maverick says:
Fuck the new Jumanji, it's more like a spoof than an adventure movie.
Profile Pic Lillian C Malone Brents says:
Play it at your own Risk I wish Jumanji was a animated series again on Nickelodeon that would be better than "Jumanji 2" 2017
Profile Pic Hannah Elizabeth Talley says:
We miss you Robin Williams! Love your acting!
Profile Pic Evil Trey Cavazos III says:
R.I.P Robin Williams
Profile Pic King Kan says:
Now they are about to make a re-make with The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart!!! Should be interesting!
Profile Pic Ryan the Stylist says:

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