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The Plant (1995)

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Watch The Plant movie online free - In a garden in a London suburb, corpses sprout out of the earth on during a live television gardening programme called Down to Earth. However, it soon appears that these human bodies are not dead people, they are grown there, like plants. The question is who is growing these bodies and for which purpose.

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Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1995-01-20



Profile Pic Jimmy Castellano says:
Awesome movie. I loved it!! Never heard of it before. Man this was really good.
Profile Pic molten terror says:
the enemy is us.
Profile Pic Ed Watt says:
A below ground cement curtain should be placed up stream of all the leaking water creating a dry area with no ground water around the Fukushima facility. This kind of thing is used all the time in the mining industry. Pumping high pressure cement in drilled holes in the ground doing the opposite of cracking. WHAT SHOULD BE ...
Profile Pic Dominiquez says:
Not horrible. But not all that good either. Its a great message. But all the quick 15 sec scenes, instead of actually playing it out, switching back and forth to black & white video, constant news coverage (feels like im watching the news 1/2 the movie). Needs better acting, no suspense, it just shows the scene and thats it. Has...
Profile Pic David Elliott says:
I was hoping for a meltdown!
Profile Pic Howard Fortyfive says:
TY TY TY Popcornflix for bringing us another edge of your seat action movie.
Profile Pic Howard Fortyfive says:
After having watched this tremendous film I can say I am so glad *my electric power COMES FROM HYDROELECTRIC TURBINES POWERED BY WATER.*
Profile Pic nicktesla45 says:
It's the guy from The Mummy ! This time we have to fight a Crazy Moslem Mummy of all things !
Profile Pic Daniel Wallace says:
Excellent movie. And not at all implausible.
Profile Pic HellsScoutAct says:
Agent Orange was created by Monsanto. To this day what Our government only cares about is their ability to maintain power and keep getting the money into their private bank accounts. Good movie. True to life. Thats why the Clintons have such a high rate of their employees passing away under very odd circumstances. Like self inf...

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