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Achhut Kanya (1936)

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Watch Achhut Kanya movie online free - An "untouchable" girl and a Brahmin boy fall in love, but the strict caste system and the gossip of the villagers threaten to keep them apart.

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Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1936-08-15



Profile Pic lone violist says:
This is a wonderful film, thank you for uploading and please keep posting more 1930s-1940s films plus silent films if possible!
Profile Pic byom08 says:
Thanks for keeping the academic aspect ratio intact this gets so severely damaged in you tube. I am comparatively new to your site and would like to explore to begin with have you uploaded any thing from Chandidas the 1934 hindi version Directed by Nitin Bose?
Profile Pic bindu sood says:
old is gold.... such a nice moovie.
Profile Pic matwala1000 says:
I can't forget ACCHUT KANYA. When I first saw it on VCR.
Profile Pic Abdullah Al Nahyan says:
sad but true, even after over 80 years of the release of this movie, India still cant get out of it's caste system.... pathetic!
Profile Pic Subhash Nikam says:
old is gold and silver.
Profile Pic free wifi says:
My grandfather enjoyed reliving this film from his childhood, thank you!
Profile Pic Shujhat Saleem says:
I brone 1989 but these old movie n old time becaus the people is great
Profile Pic Shujhat Saleem says:
Great movie n great story so i like this movie
Profile Pic BOB IYER says:
Simple but meaningful story with a moral. The tale depicts the social evils prevailing in the contemporaneous society. The untouchability, the slave like treatment meted out to women and so on.Amazing how much modern films have progressed technique wise. Pleasure to watch a very young Ashok Kumar, an all time great actor in my ...

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