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Billy Jack (1971)

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Watch Billy Jack movie online free - Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert "freedom school" for runaway.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Runtime: 1:54:00

Released: 1971-08-02


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Profile Pic Jess B says:
ACS brought me here.
Profile Pic John Moore says:
If this movie were made today, Bernard and his bunch would be Trump supporters.
Profile Pic FC Schaeffer says:
Billy Jack was the type of person Nixon promised protect America from.
Profile Pic Phil Shaffer says:
This awesome
Profile Pic Geordan Rowley says:
1:39 J. Jonah Jameson is pretending to smoke a joint. Serious!
Profile Pic defiantone says:
In reading some of the post here, people are ignorant about what the Billy Jack movies were about. It wasn't about Billy beating people up, it was about how the white man did the Native Americans wrong. As a Native American myself, I strongly suggest those who are flapping the choppers, to STFU & go & do some research on this wh...
Profile Pic John Loring says:
One of the dumbest movies ever made. Preaching peace while kicking the shit out of anyone who disagrees with you? Only an actor as bad as Tom Laughlin and his equally untalented wife Delores Taylor could claim that this trash carries a powerful message. That message had to be what PT Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minu...
Profile Pic FrownyMascot says:
looks lame as shit
Profile Pic Tempo Nelson says:
i saw it in the movies when it came out with my big brother. we were both karate kids of the 70s. those red neck jerks were nasty.
Profile Pic Annette Jenkins says:
Another one ahead of my time but I cant get enough of this movie! The song Tin soldier made it even better.

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