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Kadhavasheshan (2004)

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Watch Kadhavasheshan movie online free - The film raises the ethical dilemma of having to live in an unethical, uncaring and cruel society. Do we live our life without responding to real issues, our minds numbed by our petty concerns desires and compulsions. What are we to do when hope in humanity is becoming a sick dream? Do you have to die to end this dilemma?

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:00:00

Released: 2004-11-11



Profile Pic kumarkp kumarkp says:
very good
Profile Pic Shihabudheen.pp.madharambath Padinjarepeediyekkal says:
MTN movie.....please upload you tube moz n cat malayalem movie ......2009...year . this movie not get know you tube full length ...i want wach this movie in you tube ...pls upload this movie...moss and cat....Dileep movie...ok sir
Profile Pic Biju Thomas says:
nice movie but prin bad from 1.25
Profile Pic Matthew Jacob says:
Mm mini
Profile Pic abdu ssalih Salih says:
1;25 nu shesham n work cheyyunnilla
Profile Pic siraj kalladi says:
charly is the commercial version of this movie

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