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Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore (2005)

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Watch Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore movie online free - Victor Borge, the master of musical wit, is captured at the height of his illustrious career in this London concert performance recorded in 1979. Performing with the Wren Orchestra in the Grand Hall of Wembley Conference Centre, Borge takes the musical mickey out of Chopin and the great composers in a laugh-out-loud spoof filled with his trademark double-takes and double-entendres.

Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore Poster

Genre: Music

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 2005-02-12



Profile Pic Greywolf3 says:
When I was a little boy my parents took me to his performance in Minneapolis as a wonderful birthday gift!
Profile Pic Trekkie Junk says:
Does anyone know when these specials were filmed?
Profile Pic Leif Gilner says:
Victor Borga was a very clever and a very funny entertainer and a awesome person in his time.
Profile Pic Reman1975 says:
Brilliant. I think the visually funniest part starts at 55:56 where Victor's playing the piano with someone else. It's just a blur of fingers all around the same section of keyboard. They must have practiced so hard to make that look so easy. :)
Profile Pic Gediminas ermuknis says:
Bwahahahahahahaha! One of the best comedians of all time!
Profile Pic AR Mata says:
Victor Borge, the very best there is,,,,,,,,
Profile Pic Sophia Johnson says:
What a class act He was. <3
Profile Pic Mitchell Crouch says:
54:20 I didn't know a man could make that sound
Profile Pic eddiewhaler1 says:
Every time I watch one of his performances... I get all teared up as there is no one that can match his wit, humor, and compassion. It;s truly a shame that there is nothing in this day and age that can come close to this man's brilliants.
Profile Pic rebellious man says:
Complete Genius!

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