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Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore (2005)

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Watch Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore movie online free - Victor Borge, the master of musical wit, is captured at the height of his illustrious career in this London concert performance recorded in 1979. Performing with the Wren Orchestra in the Grand Hall of Wembley Conference Centre, Borge takes the musical mickey out of Chopin and the great composers in a laugh-out-loud spoof filled with his trademark double-takes and double-entendres.

Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore Poster

Genre: Music

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 2005-02-12



Profile Pic zickey100 says:
Really miss this guy!
Profile Pic pete draper says:
Questar Entertainment. Many thanks. I had not watched Victor Borge for many years and this has reminded me how brilliant he was: a true comic genius.
Profile Pic Gregory Kemi says:
Fr ever in our hearts!
Profile Pic JamesTheWineGuy says:
My favourite is at 38:58 where Borge bolts out of the bench when Marilyn begins singing.
Profile Pic Atreus21 says:
I thought I'd seen all of Victor Borge, but somehow completely missed him playing Rachmaninoff, one of my favorite composers. Incredible.
Profile Pic Louis Defaux says:
I shall neither copy your video nor download it.I shall delete it.
Profile Pic Vck Elo says:
Alguien puede ponerle los subttulos en espaol? :)
Profile Pic Vito Spada says:
And now we have TRUMP.......
Profile Pic rostomic says:
Times when comedians were really funny...
Profile Pic Lance Baker says:
Why all the fuss? All he could do was play music perfectly when needed to suit the viewing talented musician, play music strangely faulty when needed, tell stories with a punch line perfectly timed, shrug his shoulders exactly when needed, roll his eyes at that which the common man understands perfectly, and remember all of this...

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