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Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore (2005)

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Watch Victor Borge - In Concert & Encore movie online free - Victor Borge, the master of musical wit, is captured at the height of his illustrious career in this London concert performance recorded in 1979. Performing with the Wren Orchestra in the Grand Hall of Wembley Conference Centre, Borge takes the musical mickey out of Chopin and the great composers in a laugh-out-loud spoof filled with his trademark double-takes and double-entendres.

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Genre: Music

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 2005-02-12



Profile Pic Marie Opsahl says:
the  same    stupendent  request....................when  this  ovation  has  died  down  .......  he  was   a  Phd    ,  or  as  my  grandmother   used   to  say  >>  just  a .......... (  my  favourite  moments  in  this  spot  )
Profile Pic Jim Porter says:
@chaspoll1 Even Elvis Presley was a difficult person to work with. All of the pressure for the success of the performance is on the headliner's shoulders, and they get stressed out like anyone else. However, a performer who just seems to be a jerk is Diana Ross. I have a friend who is a professional stage hand He has said he...
Profile Pic Cathy schleif niemiec says:
My Husband met Mr. Borge at a music store named Grinnels in livonia Michigan , He was there to release a new Steinway line , Victor was a spokesman an would meet the people , Although my husband plays guitar this was an is a very important moment for my husband his first guitar . Back in the 70,s signed by Victor Borge s...
Profile Pic DTfan43 says:
traditionally Orchestra conductors arent going to be the nicest people during rehearsals and its nothing personal.
Profile Pic Notin Usenow says:
Actually this was 1980 or 1981 as I am playing violin in the Wren Orchestra and I stopped playing in mid 1981. Victor Borgs was quite the worst and most difficult conductor to follow, and not a very nice person in rehearsals. He was not well liked by the band. However it all changed for the concert and was chaotically funny.
Profile Pic Roel Verheggen says:
Die Hans Liberg kan ook goed jatte zeg !
Profile Pic Alexander Flemming says:
Profile Pic Greg Scott says:
When I was a kid, I passed up an opportunity to hear him live in my hometown, Manchester NH. I allowed a high school teacher to pressure me into attending a school activity that evening. I've regretted it ever since. I'd now have the memory of the concert, and the teacher's disapproval would mean absolutely nothing. In fact,...
Profile Pic tenderheart17 says:'re right.
Profile Pic burghill1979 says:
i love victors two stroke impression

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