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The Payoff (1978)

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Genre: Crime, Comedy

Runtime: 1:50:00

Released: 1978-03-17



Profile Pic steve Kos says:
the movie makers made everyone in this movie(aside from brewster, brewster's friend, brewster's photographer, accountant, one of those three lawyers, and the dead relative) assholes who had no sense of decency who were just looking to take advantage of brewster financially as much as possible. they looked so pathetic. the bank m...
Profile Pic micjakes1 says:
love this movie so much.
Profile Pic Tim Right says:
two ex wives
Profile Pic Jeahav Valentin says:
This movie would've been a whole lot better and much funnier with Eddie Murphy in the movie instead of boring old Richard Pryor.
Profile Pic deputyseal409 says:
Whenever he says "Brain damage!" it makes me think of Bill Cosby

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