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The Magnificent Dare Devil (1973)

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Watch The Magnificent Dare Devil movie online free - A race-car driver must elude the police and two rival criminal organizations as he tries to locate a suitcase full of heroin and absolve himself of murder.

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Runtime: 1:44:00

Released: 1973-11-20



Profile Pic tquinton1 says:
What's the song at the beginning?
Profile Pic The Movie Buffs says:
I seriously love the Netflix Series, but this would have been a great trilogy of films (probably up there with The Dark Knight Trilogy) if they would have taken route of intertwining the action to the music beats, it would have also added it another level of bad ass!
Profile Pic Ender Dan says:
Combined shit!
Profile Pic El monje negro de Harlem says:
That was great! Who is that Kingpin? Looks like Paul Sorvino.
Profile Pic Butt Soup says:
Fuuuck this would have been SICK
Profile Pic Harry Allsopp says:
Does anyone know of any other Proof of Concepts like this? using clips from other films to showcase the tone i mean
Profile Pic John Notstamos says:
People in the comments are saying that this movie would've been bad, but there's a problem with the Netflix series. It's a generic wannabe-Batman vigilante type show with typical crime drama tension and desaturated colors . Daredevil peaked in popularity in the 1970's with Frank Miller moving from artist to writer. What could ma...
Profile Pic playbonb3 says:
This would have been crap to. Glad Marvel got the rights back. Now waiting for the X-Men franchise and FF4 franchise.
Profile Pic Lamashtar says:
Wouldn't mind seeing this as a standalone separate universe type thing. I do prefer the ongoing Netflix shared universe for regular DD though.
Profile Pic Bryan Fritchie says:
I'm glad Netflix had the ability to make what they made over this.

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