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Tarzan (1985)

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Watch Tarzan movie online free - A hunter hired by a circus owner travels to the jungle to capture the legendary ape man, Tarzan, in this adventurous new tale. He's brought to the circus, where he's forced to perform as the newest attraction. But it's there he meets Ruby, a pretty woman in the troupe who falls in love with him after he saves her life. Is love strong enough to tame Tarzan, or will he heed the call of the wild and escape?

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Runtime: 2:25:00

Released: 1985-01-01



Profile Pic Bradley Smith says:
Miles Okeefe great body.
Profile Pic Tom - S says:
Legend has it, she still wonders if being a virgin is good or bad.
Profile Pic Jinhunter Slay says:
I never heard of Bo Derek until thanks, Jojo.
Profile Pic Alfonzo Soto Gonzlez says:
This whole trailer is a JoJo reference
Profile Pic Arturo Hernandez Lopez says:
Take it, Nostalgia Critic
Profile Pic CubanPete1990 says:
Now this movie needs a sequel and they should call'ed a Tarzan sequel Tarzan and the Valley of the Dinosaurs so back in the 80's cannon films should own the rights for Tarzan movie but they will bring back Miles O'keefe & Bo Derek as Tarzan & Jane and this time they will introduce new characters like John Amos as Asneeze (the Af...
Profile Pic Jade Holmes says:
But yeah, this movie is really bad.
Profile Pic Jade Holmes says:
Jotaro: Who's the female lead in the 1981 film, Tarzan the Ape Man? Joseph: Bo Derek. Jotaro: Who sang the parody of "Beat it", named "Eat it"? Joseph: Al Yankovic Jotaro: yare yare, I guess you really are the real thing even if you know that pointless crap. Fucking Jojo's Bizarre Adventure XD
Profile Pic Sousuke Kairyuu says:
Son of---(sighs) you know what never mind.
Profile Pic David Leavy says:
I've just come . Again

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