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Gone in the Night (1996)

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Watch Gone in the Night movie online free - A couple is unjustly accused of the murder of their daughter. Based on a true story and book of the same title.

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Genre: TV Movie, Drama

Runtime: 3:10:00

Released: 1996-02-24



Profile Pic JSR says:
I think that the police go too far with assuming that parents are always involved in their child's abduction.
Profile Pic Ava Goldsby says:
Where's the cameras when you need them
Profile Pic Ava Goldsby says:
It's so sad them cops are not trying I feel real sorry there sitting around questioning them in the Killer is out there raping her and killed her already and they're still asking a question when it's too late
Profile Pic Maria Lourdes Kawaii says:
Profile Pic Maria Lourdes Kawaii says:
We have a right to remain silent if we don`t have a lawyer.
Profile Pic Maria Lourdes Kawaii says:
There is no evidence and no photos.
Profile Pic Melissa McNeer says:
OMG. I'm so glad I have a huge ,loud dog. Unbelievable !
Profile Pic El Swift says:
Excellent film..the mother reading note to her daughter got me
Profile Pic leanne donnelly says:
This is a really hard story to watch .. soooo soooo sad ..
Profile Pic Morning Star says:
it's sad how many people are CURRENTLY incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. it's extremely hard to convince people you're innocent when they already have their mind made up that you're guilty. the whole "innocent until proven guilty" is a total joke in the united states of america. it's more like "guilty until proven inn...

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