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Kiwi Flyer (2012)

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Watch Kiwi Flyer movie online free - In Nelson, New Zealand, twelve-year-old Ben (Edward Hall) plans to build the race winning Kiwi Flyer for this years trolley derby. But Ben's dream is shattered when his father is killed in a car accident returning home with the newly built trolley. When cocky class-mate Shannon (Myer van Gosliga) and his thuggish boy-racer older brother Shane (Doug Colling) who will stop at nothing to retain the trophy insult Ben's late dad, Ben is determined to enter the race and uphold the memory of his father. However when he is banned from the derby by his mother Karen (Tandi Wright), he must get help from his mechanically-minded mate Jeff (Tikirau Hathaway), his teacher Mr Lumsden (Dai Henwood) and the racing wheels he bought with money borrowed from the school loan sharks, Stewie (Matt French) and Slug (David DeThierry), so he can secretly build his own Kiwi Flyer and win the race. (

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Runtime: 1:28:00

Released: 2012-09-26


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Profile Pic spacer mike says:
Any chance for a sequel?
Profile Pic spacer mike says:
It isn't essential but it sure helps to have experienced or to have some understanding of "Kiwi" culture prior to viewing the delightful film Derby Dogs written and directed by a master at the art of evocation of emotion, Tony Simpson. The film is full of light, grand panoramas of landscape and quaint architecture. I found it ...
Profile Pic Daniel Fonua says:
kiwi flyer #better than australia
Profile Pic Sam Webber says:
I live on the street the race was on
Profile Pic Katrina Trow says:
Great to see a kiwi family film. I said for years they should make one. Awesome
Profile Pic martin hovell says:
crack up tiki hahahahaha
Profile Pic Nwt Isd says:
acting is apalling
Profile Pic nzoomed says:
is it out on DVD yet?
Profile Pic Jessa Mackie says:
go Tiki, haha, x
Profile Pic Luke Jason Bennett says:

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