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New World (2013)

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Watch New World movie online free - A detective infiltrates into one of the biggest gang organizations in the country and gets involved in a fight for the heir to the gang after the boss dies and in between the second in charge who trusts him with his life and the high police officials who think of him only as bait.

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Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 2:14:00

Released: 2013-02-21


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Profile Pic Ben Pantera says:
This,asura the city of madness and a dirty carnival the gangster film i ive seen. Must watch films, korean blown hollywood to water when they produce movie.
Profile Pic flamefilmpro says:
excellent film!
Profile Pic ilyas bechari says:
This was one of classiest movies I've ever saw
Profile Pic Satyendra Gupta says:
love from india to choi
Profile Pic The Dudah says:
This is a true masterpiece.
Profile Pic PlanetPopcorn says:
look like infernal affair
Profile Pic Clint Westwood says:
korean action movies is the best i also love japanese action especially zatoichi shintaro katsu movies
Profile Pic Aret says:
This is best gangster movie i ever watched and i seen plently of them i cried a bit at 2 golden watches scene felt like i saw part of the story koreans make best movies.
Profile Pic Aret says:
Lol is Choi min-sik in every korean masterpiece i see him in every great movie
Profile Pic Sadiqur Rahman says:
Pathetic trailer for such an amazing and classy movie!!

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