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A Place To Be Loved (1993)

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Watch A Place To Be Loved movie online free - Gregory Kingsley, a boy passed off onto social services by his natural mother and abused by his natural father, finds the foster family he is put into to be the type of family he needs and takes his natural mother to court to have her parental rights revoked so that he can be adopted by the Russes. The story is based on the real case of the boy who really did have to take this action to avoid being sent back into an unacceptable situation.

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Genre: Family, Drama

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1993-04-04


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Profile Pic Servero Esparza says:
Who Need A Heart When A Heart Can Be Broken¡¡¡¡
Profile Pic Jesse Coffey says:
In this adaptation of the autobiography I, TINA, Touchstone hit its hardest R yet with Angela Bassett having the lead in this mostly true story of Tina Turner's slow climb to the top and her quite abusive relationship with Ike Turner, played here by Laurence Fishburne. The soundtrack of this quite successful film (Virgin 0777-7-...
Profile Pic Bjamin1107 says:
Angela Basset is a really good actress she can play crazy, funny, serious so good what ever she plays her reactions are so funny and enthralling
Profile Pic Bjamin1107 says:
Wow Love Seeing these thanks especially the movies
Profile Pic Rollingcris says:
I found this movie really powerful. It moved me.
Profile Pic Juris Neto says:
Great movie... awesome
Profile Pic Nicola Elizabeth Barr says:
A dignified lady, Miss Tina Turner. Will love you forever. She is my idol x
Profile Pic Londons_ Reexo says:
I love her in American horror story
Profile Pic rockys201 says:
Angela Bassett was phenomenal in this film. Her performance was incredible, she had an on screen chemistry with Lawrence Fishburne, she is also a great singer, in her own right, and she's so muscular she could give Arnie a run for his money!
Profile Pic The Panther says:
Am I wrong for thinking Jenifer Lewis would have been a better choice to play as Tina Turner.

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