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Best Friends (2005)

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Watch Best Friends movie online free - Beth Ferrier is happy in her life - fulfilled as a wife and mother, living in a beautiful home in a safe and tranquil neighborhood. Claudia Hartnell lives across the street and seems to be the perfect best friend - kind, compassionate, and a good listener. Nobody would ever guess that behind Claudia's charming facade lies an insatiable desire to live an idealized life. Nobody would suspect that her relentless childhood obsession is about to turn to murderous rage. Claudia wants everything that Beth holds dear and will use any means necessary to take it all away from her best friend.

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Runtime: 1:28:00

Released: 2005-11-12



Profile Pic FlowerVolcano says:
Note to self, don't read comments, everyone is looking TOO hard into this, it was supposed to be funny... I like this movie, it's good all around.
Profile Pic I'm fake! says:
I wouldn't want to win someone like that, she bro-zoned him wen he was fat, now that he's got it all, she want him
Profile Pic kiidampuller97 says:
I like this movie. Never knew who Amy Smart was till seeing this on Netflix now I want to see her in more movies.
Profile Pic Isak Ronestjrna says:
Ryan Reynolds summons his inner Jim Carrey in this one lmao. In a good way. And Anna Faris is such a comedic beast.
Profile Pic Abby Lane says:
Watching this movie tonight for the first time in many years and I forgot how this movie was! Ryan Renolds and Anna Ferris are hillarious, along with Chris Klien. Love!
Profile Pic Laughing Man88 says:
So was this straight to DVD
Profile Pic Savannah k says:
Legit the best movie ever
Profile Pic nfinitiduck says:
This may seem like a dude's fantasy but it's actually a woman's fantasy ... for all those times they regret friendzoning a guy haha. He becomes hot, and they want him back but they want him to still fight for it anyway.
Profile Pic jill valentine in real life says:
From chubby high school teenage boy to slender ladies man
Profile Pic Kelly Marie says:

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