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Best Friends (2005)

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Watch Best Friends movie online free - Beth Ferrier is happy in her life - fulfilled as a wife and mother, living in a beautiful home in a safe and tranquil neighborhood. Claudia Hartnell lives across the street and seems to be the perfect best friend - kind, compassionate, and a good listener. Nobody would ever guess that behind Claudia's charming facade lies an insatiable desire to live an idealized life. Nobody would suspect that her relentless childhood obsession is about to turn to murderous rage. Claudia wants everything that Beth holds dear and will use any means necessary to take it all away from her best friend.

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Runtime: 1:28:00

Released: 2005-11-12



Profile Pic Alex Wright says:
I swear I shook when Ryan Reynolds was fat when I saw previews for that movie
Profile Pic Fiazco says:
just like the friendzone.. awful and unnecessary.
Profile Pic Lord Xenomorph says:
Ryan Reynolds reminds me of Deadpool in this movie
Profile Pic William Zhao says:
great gatsby 2.0 so original
Profile Pic C Swank says:
The comedic chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Christopher Marquette is through the roof. I laughed so hard at their antics, and I swear I lived out many of their attacks on each other with my own siblings. Too funny!
Profile Pic Elle Jones says:
Any good? What's it's Cert ?
Profile Pic Nam Nguyen says:
So nobodys talking about Anna Faris. Seriously, I came here just for her, Anna Faris !
Profile Pic ultimateranger213 says:
That awkward moment when Deadpool was competing with Oz to get a girl. No wonder he started dating strippers.
Profile Pic Travis H says:

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