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Silent Night of the Living Dead (2015)

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Watch Silent Night of the Living Dead movie online free - A zombie outbreak plagues a small English town on Christmas Eve.

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Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 2015-12-09



Profile Pic whm3 says:
Serious shout out to you guys... That was fun and a great city to film in Portland Maine!
Profile Pic GreenElixir says:
Looks cheesy as hell and that's what is magical about horror films... I'll watch it :D
Profile Pic Gloria Ruiz says:
okay i actually laughed here and there...but yea its a bit romantic too
Profile Pic mymiddleleg1 says:
was skeptical of this film but decided to watch anyway and actually was really good
Profile Pic the yellow ball in serendipity mv says:
hahaha oh my she just killed an innocent snowman
Profile Pic Amo Poder says:
Fun movie.
Profile Pic Rookies Skateboards says:
I loved this film
Profile Pic Nemo sunk my Nautilus says:
Believe it or not this is a romantic movie...with a bit touch of comedy.
Profile Pic Kerem Gogus says:
Cute chick of 30 Rock got herself a zombie movie eventually :-)
Profile Pic Skidrow xD says:
night of the living deb meet grimm

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