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Office Space (1999)

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Watch Office Space movie online free - Three office workers strike back at their evil employers by hatching a hapless attempt to embezzle money.

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Genre: Comedy, Crime

Runtime: 1:29:00

Released: 1999-02-19


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Profile Pic Niall Sheridan says:
Horrible Bosses is way better
Profile Pic Niall Sheridan says:
I don't know why there's lots of positive comments here but I thought Office was boring and not really that funny except for Milton perfer Beavis And Butthead Do American instead a second Beavis And Butt head should have been made instead of this boring movie
Profile Pic DeeCollinsDGK says:
How have I never seen this!
Profile Pic TheNobody says:
Profile Pic OGMillyMillz says:
I really don't see a connection between this movie and The Belko Experiment.
Profile Pic Megan Brosnihan says:
this movie was VASTLY underappreciated when it came out!
Profile Pic Todd Lyon says:
So many movies have the most awesome trailer and then the movie completely sucks ... this is the first movie I know of that is the exact opposite. This is one of the greatest movies ever made with a completely sub par trailer.
Profile Pic DossoOG90 says:
before the office, there was office space lol
Profile Pic Maarten van Rossem Lezingen says:
Basically the whole movie was explained in the trailer.
Profile Pic William Tongsiri says:
"Illegal? This is America!" LMAO

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