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20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang (1933)

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Watch 20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang movie online free - Four convicts escape from a chain gang. Shortly thereafter, changes are made at the prison, because a blue ribbon commission will be investigating conditions there. The changes include steak every day for dinner and stage shows for entertainment. After reading about this, the four escapees plead with the warden to take them back in. Or was this all a dream?

20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang Poster

Genre: Comedy, Music

Runtime: 00:20:00

Released: 1933-08-12


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Profile Pic R Gray says:
Lord Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit... take care of our President... and protect him from harm please . A lot of people might not understand what he is doing....he is attempting to protect us....all of us Love You
Profile Pic mrcatfish2100 says:
Amazing what we know now 21:30.
Profile Pic W R says:
kremlin puppet
Profile Pic hamid sellani says:
Cartoon Donald Trump Can No Longer Tweet
Profile Pic Barton Bishoff says:
George W. Bush said after this odd inauguration: "That's some weird sh*t."
Profile Pic Carolyn Spell says:
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Profile Pic HPPAV2003 says:
The dinosaur Tom Brokaw and his subtle Jabs
Profile Pic R Gray says:
How in the world did this get on here I did not put this on here I know God is real ...... I did not watch all of this at time .... I just love the prayers for our President ......... In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN
Profile Pic Keith Hyttinen says:
A grim day in American history. Impeached by 2018.
Profile Pic Samuel Carneiro says:
Holy crap, the irony of trump giving Reince Priebus the pen of John Kelly's homeland security cabinet approval. Check 3:38:18

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