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Double Tide (2009)

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Watch Double Tide movie online free - Artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart is known for creating beautiful, meditative films that incorporate subtle movement and a static, photographic gaze to examine her subjects. Her new film, Double Tide, documents the work of a female clam digger in the mudflats of coastal Maine and is filmed on the rare occasion in which low tide occurs twice within daylight hours—once at dawn and once at dusk.

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Runtime: 1:39:00

Released: 2009-10-21


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Profile Pic Christocream says:
Mini pizza rolls are the new tide pods
Profile Pic Camejko says:
remember in the movie I Am Legend will Smith is like "basic survival instincts non-existent" people are doing the dumbest stuff . even dogs know what is and isn't food
Profile Pic Cafelogis says:
I blame collegehumor and zack.
Profile Pic Kevin Hemsing says:
Can't wait for the neck tie challenge to take off.
Profile Pic Clorox Bleach says:
Profile Pic HunOrwell says:
Modern medication is too good, challanges serve natural selection in our new age.
Profile Pic David Salcedo says:
I say, let the dumbass people eat them. Have natural selection happen. This is clearly a test from the universe to rid us of the stupid.
Profile Pic Sarah Spindler says:
I think it's more stupid than it is viral!
Profile Pic Thiccguy says:
i wasn't really the smartest kid in school, but to see the "smarter" students of my class do this, really makes me think. it's a fucking meme, how long until kids start trying to eat lava, because it looks tasty?
Profile Pic Offworlder1 says:
Really setting yourself on fire ?!, eating tide pods ?!, this world is headed towards idiocracy faster then ever.

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