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Double Tide (2009)

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Watch Double Tide movie online free - Artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart is known for creating beautiful, meditative films that incorporate subtle movement and a static, photographic gaze to examine her subjects. Her new film, Double Tide, documents the work of a female clam digger in the mudflats of coastal Maine and is filmed on the rare occasion in which low tide occurs twice within daylight hours—once at dawn and once at dusk.

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Runtime: 1:39:00

Released: 2009-10-21


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Profile Pic shawn eldridge says:
I May or may not buy this movie right here. It actually depends if it comes out on Blu-ray disc at all. If it's only available for dvd then I'm not going to buy it. I only buy Blu-ray disc can't help it Blu-ray disc is 18 times much better than dvd are. So I guess I'm going to have to wait until this comes on TV hopefully. And ...
Profile Pic Anja Regitschnig says:
Cool that Debby Ryan plays along Does anyone know where to watch the movie and if it already exists on DVD?
Profile Pic Jordan Davis says:
Tom literally looks like Tom from big joe
Profile Pic Pequenaerra says:
This is a straight to VHS movie
Profile Pic Kristy Obrien says:
I am going to watch this movie!!!!!!!
Profile Pic Jamilla Fagundez says:
Whats the song at 0:23?
Profile Pic Celly Jordan says:
Hannah Montana the movie vibes , anyone ? Okayyy.... just me
Profile Pic CineMarioAlcal CMA says:
Just for one moment I though this trailer was of a Remake from the tv series Riptide LOL
Profile Pic Arby Ursal says:
Looks like selena but sounds like miley
Profile Pic justala xahesa says:
Wacth streaming Online : Rip Tide (2017) Full Movie HD

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