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The Big Empty (2003)

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Watch The Big Empty movie online free - Struggling actor John Person agrees to drive a blue suitcase from Los Angeles to the small town of Baker, Calif., and hand it over to a mysterious cowboy in return for having his credit card debt of $27,000 paid off. Upon his arrival, John can't find the cowboy but receives an ominously head-shaped package he's supposed to hang onto. While waiting, John gets close to Ruthie, whose psychotic boyfriend, Randy, keeps threatening to kill him.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Runtime: 1:34:00

Released: 2003-05-16


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Profile Pic xavier lopez says:
reminds me of courage the cowardly dog
Profile Pic Larry Johnson says:
Profile Pic Doug Hart says:
I like it! Hey mikey!
Profile Pic ghoevers says:
This was a great movie. I don't know what you are talking about.
Profile Pic Texaskingfish says:
Maybe You are a little too serious...
Profile Pic Paul Dirac says:
The soundtrack to this film is great.
Profile Pic DeM0nM1NdSlAvR says:
For The Fallen Dreams - The Big Empty
Profile Pic Shaxuul says:
Love this movie!
Profile Pic Ovalbugmann says:
I thought I heard Sepultura in this movie and I was correct - It's a song off of Chaos A.D. - a good album from them.
Profile Pic mike s says:
I consider myself a big movie buff, i bought this one out of the 99cent bin at the thrift shop and i figured "Hey, its has john favreau in it, it couldnt be that bad"....This movie is by far the worst directed, worst acted, worst plot, worst soundtrack and is just plain weird. You were my hero John!! Remember when the old lady a...

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