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Sudden Fury (1993)

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Watch Sudden Fury movie online free - A teenage boy finds his mother and father murdered in their home but as the story goes on he reveals he knows more than he is letting on.

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Runtime: 1:38:00

Released: 1993-01-01



Profile Pic roberet fales says:
what a terrible movie. the phone, milk cans, ridiculous..and bad acting all around
Profile Pic Len Churchill says:
No the bad guy gets done . Police chief said check phone inside and out for prints. Only one took phone apart was the bad guy.
Profile Pic lock n load says:
well, looks to me like the story was just beginning when it ended. they would have found plenty of prints on the phone and that butter knife he used as a screw driver and on the hood of the car proving that the husband handled them all. and you don't monkey around with car engine wires without getting some grime on your fingers...
Profile Pic Keegan James says:
Another movie that leaves us lingering. Ugh!
Profile Pic WRQ Nine says:
Nothing like spending too much time with unpleasant people, yuck. LF pulse on sound track doesn't help. The guy's "wife" is about 14! The timing is horrible. Bad idea, bad story, in all it's, a poorly produced mess. The shame of it is, there's no undoing it now.
Profile Pic Mearl Coleman says:
Terrible way to end a movie.
Profile Pic Stefanie Pezzino says:
The husband kinda looks like Hugh Laurie from "House".
Profile Pic David Hasting says:
horrible ending..
Profile Pic Kyle's Pop Culture Corner says:
Was this shot originally on 35mm? This looks like a 16mm print.
Profile Pic Paul Bardal says:
Canadian movies are usually really well done. Others to watch for are Breaking Point (1976), The Clown Murders, and Shoot.

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